Who is better Gonzaga or Arkansas? (2023)

Who is favored to win Gonzaga vs Arkansas?

Odds, Over/Under, Moneyline
24 Mar 2022

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Does Arkansas stand a chance against Gonzaga?

ESPN: Gonzaga has an 85.5% chance to win

The site's Basketball Power Index gives Arkansas a 14.5% chance to win the game.

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Does Gonzaga have a chance to win March Madness?

Gonzaga is the betting favorite to bring home the national championship, just like last year, with odds at +350 according to Caesars Sportsbook. And, just like last year, it enters the NCAA Tournament as the top overall seed in the West Region.

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How did Gonzaga lose to Arkansas?

The Zags shot 5-for-21 from deep against the Razorbacks on Thursday (Photo courtesy of Ezra Shaw, Getty Images). The Zags train has been derailed by the Mus bus. In a Sweet 16 upset, the No. 1 overall Gonzaga Bulldogs fell 68-74 Thursday to four seed Arkansas as the Razorbacks will move on to the Elite Eight Saturday.

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Is Gonzaga favored to win?

Gonzaga remains consensus favorite to win 2022 NCAA men's basketball tournament. Gonzaga remains the consensus favorite to win the national championship heading into the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

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Has Gonzaga ever won the final 4?

Unfortunately, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have never won a NCAA Championship.

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Who is favored in the Baylor Gonzaga game?

William Hill Sportsbook lists the Bulldogs as 4.5-point favorites in its latest Baylor vs. Gonzaga odds, and the over-under for total points scored is 159.5.

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What are the odds for Gonzaga?

Tipico Sportsbook has released its odds for the winner of the 2022 NCAA Tournament after the first two rounds and Tommy Lloyd's team is currently +500 in odds to take home the championship, which is third in the nation. Gonzaga is the favorite at +200.

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Is Gonzaga favored over Baylor?

Even with deflating loss to Baylor, Gonzaga still betting favorite to win the 2022 men's basketball title. Fresh off falling short of an undefeated season and the school's first national championship, Gonzaga is the betting favorite for the 2021-22 college basketball season.

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Who is favored Duke vs Gonzaga?

Gonzaga vs. Duke money line: Gonzaga -340, Duke +270.

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